SMILE stories - how our participants fared out

SMILE success stories, How have our participants fared to date…

P21. this gentleman has lost 6 stone since starting programme, has given up alcohol. joined slimming world and is on the cusp of total reversal of his type 2 diabetes, he has been taken off all his oral hypoglycemics , with a view to stopping his once day insulin when he next visits his gp for Hb1ac . He feels he has benefited from SMILE as we have motivated him to make huge lifestyle changes. he has a young son who he is able to keep up with for the first time in his life, He credits SMILE with saving his life, and giving him back a quality of life he hasnt had in years.

P79 this lovely gentleman is a bachelor farmer who was very unstable initially. tachycardia, hypertensive, raised BSL. His own gp told him he wouldn’t be alive in 5 yrs if he continued as he was. he had low mood and was very stressed i had a long chat with him this morning . all his monitoring is now within normal limits, he has made huge lifestyle changes and is feeling much better in himself, His nephew now helps on the farm .hes has been referred to mater private fir cardiac care by his gp

p34, this lady has COPD and was hypertensive, she lives on a farm, since cocooning began she has taken to walking daily on the farm and usually exceeds 14,000 steps every day. her BP is now within normal limits and SPO2 readings are better than ever. she is always delighted to receive calls from SMILE nurse.

P39 this lovely lady lost her daughter in tragic circumstances 19yrs ago, she has struggled to cope with her grief, she has a number of medics in her family, a son who is a gp, 2 pediatricians as daughters in law. She was often tearful in the early days and spoke at length with myself, with encouragement she has starting embracing interests for herself, she tries to do 5-10km every day, has managed to lose 12 lbs since end of Feb, BSL between 5.6 and 6.2, She is in great form, and is very grateful for the support of SMILE . Her internet is not working currently and prior to lockdown she was using the internet in the library, I reassured her SMILE would continue to support her even if she couldn’t monitor at present, she was

P72, this lovely man has end stage COPD and is cared for by his daughter who is very clued in, I noted last week that his SpO2 had dropped and HR was raised, when i phoned His daughter answered , she was delighted with the advice given, She said that whenever she is worried or in two minds what to do for her father, the phone rings and its a SMILE nurse giving her guidance and reassurance. On the back of our advice, The participant was referred by their gp to the Covid hub, treated for RTI and made a marked recovery within a matter of days. He is currently in Tramore enjoying his holidays

P83 has heart failure… his last echo showed huge improvement and is eternally grateful for the motivation he gets from the regular calls from his SMILE nurse.

p05 had 24 10 day courses of antibiotics and steroids in 2017,over the past 14 months he has needed no antibiotics or steroids. He walks 10km every day and feels SMILE has changed his life.