SMILE Success Stories. Feedback from participants

SMILE. How remote nursing with the aid of technology has had a positive effect on participant’s health and well being.

This gentleman had numerous calls and advise from the smile nursing team with regard to elevated blood pressure and heart rate… He was advised to attend his own GP who in turn referred him for full cardiac work up. He had an angiogram carried out in ST. James hospital one of his arteries was 90% blocked he had stents inserted.

He has said on many occasions " only for you girls , you saved my life i will be forever grateful"

He is delighted to be part of the SMILE project.

This lady had a very elevated blood pressure, and on contacting her she advised she was feeling unwell with palpitations for approx 24 hrs. I advised her to contact her GP urgently which she did. She was reviewed and her blood pressure medication was increased. within a short period of time she was feeling much better. This lady was very grateful for nursing intervention and education which prevented her from having a hospital stay.

This lady and her Husband were very grateful for our intervention. i noticed a drop in her Blood pressure an elevation in her heart rate and a slight drop in her SPO2 levels. Following a phone call to her and discussing my concerns. she contacted her own GP who adjusted her medication. I followed up with this lady the following day. she was feeling much better and all her vital signs had improved. Due to early intervention from the Smile team and her GP this lady was kept at home and a hospital admission prevented.

A lovely couple who have nothing but positive things to say about the smile project. they have embraced the technology and are continuing to implement small changed to improve their over all health and well being. They are always delighted to hear from the team and value their advise and ongoing education of their conditions.

This lady has constantly taken on board the advise and education from the nursing team and her over all mental and physical health has improved. she has commenced on blood pressure medication and is feeling much better. She enjoys interaction with the nursing team as she is a carer fro her husband who suffers with depression and parkinsons disease. she has found cocooning difficult and lonely, so have a " chat" means a lot to her " it breaks the monotony of my day."

This lady has benefited from the smile project as she suffers from anxiety which has been heightened due to the pandemic she always" feels a lot better following a chat and getting some advise from the nurses"

This lady is so grateful for all the support and education given to her. she has nothing but praise for the team She " never feels rushed when talking to us and we always listen no mater what the problem is."

Also the participants who are not using technology and receiving support call are benefiting too.

they love to hear from the team especially at this difficult time many of them feel lonely and isolated.

Over all the group of participants are doing very well and so far none of them have tested positive fro Covid-19. which is a testament to how well they look after themselves and adhere to restrictions. they have good support from their GP’s too.

It is a hugely rewarding project to be involved in and i get as much out of it as the participants do!