What is the community about and how will it work?

One of the greatest challenges for healthcare is transforming services to suit the needs of patients and to improve delivery of care. The concept of integrated care is not new, but to achieve fully integrated care pathways for patients, transformation is essential. Change management is a key skill required for any individual trying to improve and change the way a healthcare system currently operates. Change is disruptive, inconvenient and people are not happy moving from their comfort zones and “what already works”.

The forum is a joint collaboration between the World Health Organization and the Andalusian School of Public Health, Spain (WHO Collaborating Centre on Integrated Health Services based on Primary Care) and Integrated people-centred health services (https://www.integratedcare4people.org/ )

The aim of this community of practice for change management is to support colleagues and share experiences in implementing new healthcare services and technology, or changing the way care is currently delivered.

The CoP is a support tool for those who have specific questions on change but is also a platform for sharing experiences and challenges. It will be a place to celebrate success and to share learning outcomes.

We hope the community will become a reservoir of knowledge for participants based on shared experienced and an evidenced based source of information. Members can share journal articles, interest pieces and information they feel with contribute to the knowledge and benefit members.

The change management CoP will explore the findings of “The European Framework for Action on Integrated Health Services Delivery” and incorporate the learnings from “Lessons from transforming health services delivery: compendium of initiative in the WHO European Region”. This will be expanded to incorporate global lessons learned, concentrating on change for:

  • People: Strategizing with people at the centre
  • Services: Implementing transformations
  • System: Enabling sustainable change

Objectives of the community:
Share experiences and become an evidence based source of information and learning for people implementing change throughout healthcare services

Share and offer advice to colleagues on specific problems they may be experiencing while transforming or changing their services

Examples of issues to be addressed:

  • Categorise change management experiences and share relevant findings
  • Change in care pathways
  • Change in the delivery of services
  • Change for people when implementing new services
  • Change when implementing new technology (devices and systems)
  • Discuss how people have practically worked through their problems
  • Share both the success and failures of change management and create a safe environment for people to share their personal experience and stories.
  • Identify evidence based research, share relevant journal articles or other applicable resources

Criteria of success of the community:

  • Engage community who share their experiences, ask for help on topics and share both success and failures
  • Create a safe environment for people to discuss problems and offer solutions
  • Creation of case studies involving members of the community to share their outcomes and learnings
  • Engaging members globally who contribute frequently to the community and find value in what is shared

Products of the community:

  • Case studies of community members to share stories of success and failure when implementing change
  • Reservoir of resource materials on change management that members use and find valuable. For example:
  • Journal articles
  • Conferences
  • Courses
  • Specific people with projects
  • Documents of the collated learning and information shared by people for easy accessible reference points
  • Meetings / conferences / workshops to work on specific topics


  • Calendar of relevant events available to members
  • Relevant publications and studies
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